As Guyana grows into the future, C&V Shipping continues to expand its services to meet the needs of emerging sectors and more diverse clients. We provide a plethora of services to an increasing group of offshore projects and companies. You can rely on our experienced and highly skilled team to take care of your vessels, logistics on the ground, and your crew and representatives when they arrive.

Ship Husbandry

Do you need a safety-oriented and confidential service that follows international standards to take care of your ship(s) and crew?

We offer a range of husbandry services:

Maintenance, cleaning, garbage, and waste removal

We offer the best upkeep services available via reliable and vetted subcontractors.

Vessel Clearance

Our team also works with Customs, Immigration and Port Health Officials to expedite Reporting and Clearing of all types of vessels. We will work with you ahead of your vessel’s estimated time of arrival to ensure our necessary personnel are in place and documents prepared.


We also keep in close contact with the Harbour Master and Chief Pilot’s offices allowing us to acquire pilot services on demand, specifically for when your Break Bulk Vessels must load or unload at outlying ports.

Crew Change and Journey Management

We provide support to manage the movement of your crew, their travel and arrival needs. Let us procure work permits for your foreign nationals, handle immigration services including visas, landing permits and extensions, and meet and greet your team at airports. We will also arrange hotel and conference accommodations, rental needs including apartments, helicopters, and crew boats.


Our extensive communication capabilities ensures that you have round the clock support for any need. We can arrange warehousing of cargo, catering services or provide meals and snacks for on-signing crew members, machine shop, welding & fabrication services.

Ship Chandler

Do you need a reliable agent which has the capacity to supply all your shipping equipment, commodities and supplies at the best prices?

We can leverage our excellent working relationships with wholesalers and local producers to supply almost any item at lower rates than most other companies.

Customs Brokerage

Do you want to proactively avoid possible penalties by ensuring your necessary customs’ documents are filed correctly?

We incorporated Guyana Brokerage Services specifically to provide you with the best brokerage support available. Our subsidiary has three licensed brokers with an additional 6-member team to ensure cargo is cleared and delivered promptly. We also have fully equipped cars and vans to handle all your equipment needs.


Do you need freight forwarding, warehousing or special equipment handling services?

With our combined 90+ years’ experience in and knowledge of the industry, we can coordinate and manage a wide range of shipping services in collaboration with the relevant authorities. Our services range from special equipment handling to freight forwarding and warehousing. We can do almost anything you require in the shipping industry including:

  • Provide refrigeration technician and refrigerant gas
  • Loading of cargo in containers or break-bulk ships for both export and transhipment purposes
  • Ship Stores – Clearance of equipment and supplies
  • General Transportation – We take care of transportation arrangements for both personnel & cargo
  • Contact us for more information if the required service is not listed here

Service Requests

How do you request our offshore services?

Please contact us to learn more about our offshore services and how you can make arrangements to take care of your vessels, logistics on the ground, and your people when they arrive.

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