Our import shipping services offer solutions for your individual, small business or big corporation needs. C&V Shipping will ship your small packages, boxes, barrels, pallets, or containers from almost anywhere in the world. We also clear entire vessels on arrival in Guyana and take care of all logistics. Our services have been designed with your time and experience in mind. Let our skilled team handle the important details so that you have the best experience possible and your time can be used to do the important things.

Import FAQs

Do you ship barrels/boxes out of New York?

Yes, we ship barrels/boxes out of New York. We have a pick-up service available.

How long does ocean shipment take to arrive?

The length of time it takes for your ocean shipment to arrive depends on three factors:

  • where it is coming from
  • the shipping line being used for that shipment,
  • other factors which may impact shipping like weather conditions and port congestion.

Shipments from the US take an estimated 2-4 weeks to arrive. Please remember that while C&V Shipping can offer an estimate there are factors out of our control which may result in longer actual shipping time.

Do you have any shipping options in the Washington DC area?

Yes, we have shipping options available in the Washington DC area. Please contact office for more details.

What is the shipping cost for barrel/box?

The cost of shipping a barrel or box depends on where it is coming from and the size. For more information on cost please contact our office.

Do you import vehicles or spare parts from Japan?

Yes, we import vehicles and spare parts from Japan.

Does C&V Shipping offer brokerage services?

Yes, we offer brokerage services. Contact us for more information

Do you ship boxes or pallets from China?

Yes, we ship boxes or pallets from China.

What is the transit time from China?

The transit time from China for full containers is approximately  6 weeks and for LCL (loose cargo) 6-12 weeks.

Where do ZIM containers transship?

ZIM containers tranship in Kingston, Jamaica.

Where do you ship from?

We offer extensive coverage from the Far East & Canada, the USA, Europe and the Caribbean, shipping  LCL (loose cargo), FCL (full container loads) and breakbulk (vehicles, equipment, other cargo that cannot fit into containers).

Can you deliver packages to my home/local address?

Our in-house brokers can clear and deliver to you within specified areas. Please call our office for further details.

What is your location in Miami?

Please contact our office for this information.

Do you offer repacking?

We respect your privacy and do our best to keep your packages as safe as possible. We do NOT remove your items from their original shipping packages.

However, we can hold your packages at our location for a specified period to allow for multiple deliveries. They are then consolidated into one shipment.

Do you ship via Air?

Yes, we offer two flights from Miami arriving on Monday and Thursday of every week. We also offer air freight from the Far East.

How long does it take for a package to arrive by Air from Miami?

We offer two flights arriving on Monday and Thursday of every week.

Monday – cut off for cargo, commercial invoices, and instructions Thursday at 4PM

Thursday – cut off for cargo, commercial invoices, and instructions Tuesday at 4PM

What is the cost to ship via Air?

Airfreight cost depends on the weight or volume of your package being received.

Volume weight calculation: L x W x H in inches divided by 166.

Do you offer insurance?

Insurance can be arranged via our Principals.

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