Ocean Freight

Do you need to import containers, break-bulk, small packages, or any other cargo by ocean?

We offer weekly import options and optimized ocean freight services from almost anywhere in the world. Our team pays attention to accurate and on-time documentation to avoid unnecessary delays. Currently, we represent the following shipping lines: King Ocean Services; ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.

Air Freight

Do you need to import barrels, boxes, and small packages on a short timeline?

We offer two weekly air freight import options, and our team will clear and coordinate delivery from both major airports.

Releasing Agents

Do you need a Releasing Agent to ensure that the documents needed to release your forwarded freight is correctly and efficiently filed?

C&V Shipping acts as a Releasing Agent for several major Freight Forwarders to ensure full coverage of the local market. Our experienced team manages efficient communication lines with the Freight Forwarders to ensure that your shipment is released as quickly as possible on arrival at the local port.

Customs Brokerage

Do you want to proactively avoid possible penalties by ensuring your necessary customs’ documents are filed correctly?

We incorporated Guyana Brokerage Services specifically to provide you the best brokerage support available. Our subsidiary company is a Licensed Broker with an additional 6-member team to ensure cargo is cleared and delivered promptly. We have fully equipped cars and vans to handle all your equipment needs.

Ship Husbandry

Do you need a safety-oriented and confidential service that follows international standards to take care of your ship(s)?

We offer maintenance, cleaning, general upkeep and work with Customs, Immigration and Port Health Officials to expedite Reporting and Clearing of all types of vessels. Our team will work with you ahead of your vessel’s ETA to ensure our necessary people are in place and documents prepared. We also keep in close contact with the Harbour Master and Chief Pilot’s offices allowing us to acquire pilot services on demand, specifically for when your Break Bulk Vessels must load at outlying ports.


Do you need freight forwarding, warehousing or special equipment handling services?

With our combined 90+ years’ experience in and knowledge of the industry, we can coordinate and manage a wide range of shipping services in collaboration with the relevant authorities. Our services range from special equipment handling to freight forwarding and warehousing. We can do almost anything you require in the shipping industry.

Door-to-door Delivery

Do you want your box, barrel or small package delivered to your door?

We offer a door-to-door delivery option and will coordinate delivery almost anywhere in Guyana. We deliver from small packages to containers and anything in between.

No-cost Client Support

Do you need additional, hands-on support?

Our diverse team with incomparable industry knowledge is available to support you at no additional cost. We always go the extra mile to ensure you enjoy the most efficient services and best experience possible.

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